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Piano Moving

Churairat  Music,
with more than 20 years in piano moving experience, has its own professionally trained teams and required equipment including modified moving trucks to cranes and hydraulic lifters, to ensure piano moving smooth and secure. Up to 17 pianos can be moved at once. Your precious piano can surely be moved to your desired location regardless of any difficulties and obstacles.

Nation-Wide services (On-call teams are available in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket)

- All pianos moved are subject to company’s insurance coverage.
- Prices include interior cleaning, exterior color coating and brass polishing.

Air-freight and piano packaging services are available.


Price List for piano moving within Bangkok & Vicinities

Price (Baht)*

Upright Piano

Grand Piano
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
* Prices are subject to piano sizes , distances and time consumption

Price list for piano moving between floors

Price (Baht)*

Upright Piano

Grand Piano
Price per floor traveled
400 - 600
600 - 900

* Prices are subject to difficulties of moving and number of manpower.

Price List for piano moving from Bangkok to other provinces

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