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Special order / Web links / How to Order
Web link

Alfred Publishing
Music Sales
Rhythm music
G.Henle Verlag
Faber music
: www.Halleonard.com
: www.Alfred.com
: www.ABRSMpublishing.com
: www.OUP.co.uk
: www.musicroom.com
: www.Rhythmmp.com
: www.Henle.com
: www.Fabermusic.co.uk

How to order and delivery

  1. Place your desired book orders by any of these 3 methods;
    - E-mail  CONTACT US
    - Tel. 02 379 0891-3
    - Fax. 02 379 0902
  1. You will receive company’s quoted price lists

  2. You will then place orders and payment

  3. You are required to Fax or e-mail us with your proof of payment.

  4. We will then mail you the merchandise

Free delivery  with a purchase valued more and 3,000 Baht (combination books with other products - accepted)
* Free Delivery will send by domestic registered postal service only. If need other types of delivery please contact us, we will quote you a price in advance

Music teacher, music school and big volume order  will get Special discounts

Or call Tel.  02 379 0891-3



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