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Music Examination

ABRSM, founded in England in 1889, is the world’s leading provider of music exams and assessments both in theory and practice on over 35 music instruments. It provides candidates in more than 90 countries all over the world with World-Wide certificate issued to those who passed each level.

ABRSM with Churairat Music School Network

Churairat Music School provides ABRSM examinations to its candidates, students, teachers, music studios and schools.

  • Churairat  Music School is an authorized examination center where all of its candidates are exclusively given 3 chances to practice in actual exam location and 2-3 chances to correct themselves by taking pre-test (Grand Piano is used in practice assessments).
  • Churairat  Music School offers nation-wide, on-location ABRSM examination services whenever your school or center has sufficient number of candidates.
  • ABRSM examination benefits from Churairat Music Network for teachers, music studios or schools registered.

- Lesson plan consulting for students in each level
- Thorough new Syllabus familiarization workshops for teachers in each level.
- Special discounts on ABRSM books and learning materials
- Nation-wide, on-location pre-test experience teachers services available (Fee applicable)

   Year 2016
Exam Date Last date of entry
Music Theory
June / July
October / December
Saturday 5 March
Saturday 18 June
Saturday 5 November
Thursday 3 March
Tuesday 26 July
Tuesday 12 January
Tuesday 19 April
Tuesday 6 September

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