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Strings > Violin > (Czech) Violin รุ่น SV-200  

(Czech) Violin รุ่น SV-200
(Czech) Violin รุ่น SV-200
Akord Kvint

Size: 4/4 (Promotion 0% 10ด.)   Price: 80,000 Baht

model : SV-200 (Concert)

Made in Czech Republic
Concert violin with beautifully flamed back, sides and neck, selected spruce top, spirit varnished, richly shaded golden brown. Precisely and carefully made instrument. Fine quality rosewood fittings with Parisian eye including Guarneri model chinrest and two black adjusters, Thomastik Dominant Strings.

size 4/4
Violin พร้อม Case อย่างดี 
รวมคันชัก และยางสน

Promotion 0% (8,000 บาท x 10 เดือน)



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