Ballet Course

Churairat Music ballet course is based upon Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), a UK-based examination board specializing in dance education and training - combining the original French ballet style with international ballet style. 

Courses start from pre-primary level to primary level, then; to Grades 1 to 8; and to intermediate and advanced levels. There is a wide variety of courses available (e.g., ballet of adults, ballet for performance and ballet for entrance exams).

Churairat’s quality teachers

Based upon the standard of Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), England, our teachers are able to individually create lesson plans to best suit each student.

Course, age requirements and fees:

• available at Nawamin branch
• a group of six to ten students per classroom

• 1 lesson per week (60 min), 4 lessons per month
• available for children and adults (aged from 3 years old)

• Fee: 1,800 Baht / Month
• 300 Baht for registration fee
• Ballet dresses start from 1,500 Baht (depending on designs and sizes)

• one monthly fee to be paid in advance


Churairat Music, together with Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), regularly schedules ballet assessment exams. Candidates who succeed are also presented with internationally recognized certificates accredited by RQF, Ofqual, CCEA and SCQF.

Activities at Churairat Music:

Our school arranges activities for students to perform regularly.

Benefits from learning ballet at Churairat Music

Taking ballet classes helps create well-balanced body postures and moods. Ballet helps develop muscles and mind strength, resulting in better health, concentration, creativity and imagination.