The Grand Stage Thailand

"The Grand Stage Thailand" is a platform created and organized by "Churairat Music" with the intention of providing children (and adults) the opportunity to showcase their performance of music or other abilities in front of an audience on a grand stage.

For Children:
• To encourage children to express themselves on stage frequently from a young age.
• To promote self-confidence, good concentration, and various indirect benefits from performing.
• Performance serves as a goal-setting exercise for children's training.
• It's also a way of compiling their achievements into a portfolio for children to use when they grow up.
• For children preparing for competitions or exams, it can also serve as a great practice stage.

For Parents:
• Provides joy and pride in seeing their children or grandchildren perform.
• It's an opportunity for family gathering after the show

For Teachers:
• Showcases teachers' work to parents, instilling confidence in their teaching abilities to prepare children for exams, performances, and activities throughout the year.

​For Adult Performers:
• Provides a stage to showcase talents and brings personal fulfillment.

Registration Open For:
Piano, String Instruments, Wind Instruments, Guitar, Ukulele, Harp, Singing, Various Dance Styles, Kids Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Magic Show, and Other Abilities.

• “The Grand Stage Thailand” welcomes all performers from anywhere. The show doesn't necessarily require complex showcases. Even performances simpler than what they've learned in their actual lessons are welcome, as long as they can perform them smoothly and without hesitation. For musical instruments, having music scores on stage is allowed.
• No age limit, grade requirement, specific song, or performance piece, but performances should not exceed 3 or 6 minutes (per person or group).
• Submission of performance clips is required (must resemble what will be performed on the actual day and recorded no more than 3 months prior).
• For singing or musical performances that require accompaniment, performers can choose either Piano Accompaniment or Backing Track.
• On the day of the performance, all performers must dress appropriately according to international stage performance norms.
• Performers must perform the songs or acts as listed in the application form.
• The organizers reserve the right to reject applicants who do not meet the event's criteria.
• Registration fee:
Performances up to 3 minutes: 2,500 Baht
Performances up to 6 minutes: 3,000 Baht

*Certificates will be provided to both students and teachers.

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