Churairat Music School, since 1989, has opened music education courses along with many other courses for customers of all ages. Throughout more than 35 years of our operation, more than 15,000 students have enrolled with us; around 300 of them have grown into becoming music teachers. Churairat Music is not only recognized as one of the most respected music learning schools for students but we are also known among music teachers as one of the renowned seminar and training centers in Thailand. For years, music teachers from all over the country have been attending in our music seminars and trainings (regularly scheduled across the calendar year) for new teaching techniques and updates.

Based upon The Royal Academy of Music, England, Churairat Music School focuses (with professional and excellent service delivery) on the quality of all classes that we offer. All classes are instructed by well-experienced, proficiently qualified teachers who are able to deliver both theoretical and practical teaching techniques. Students are to learn the systematic approach that can be used for exams and stage performances; this constructively builds an excellent musical foundation for students from the start.

Churairat Music is currently Thailand’s sole representative of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) - the most renowned music education body based in England. We regularly schedule music exams which are assessed by ABRSM appointed examiners from England. After the assessments, successful candidates are presented with internationally recognized ABRSM certificates.

It is widely agreed that learning music significantly helps develop both human’s intelligence and emotions. Without a doubt, children who grow up with proper music education, given it is provided by their parents from their early age and throughout their childhood, are able to concentrate, create and socialize at relatively higher levels - they tend to become more patient, composed, creative, friendly, and confident.

At Churairat Music, in addition to our classical music, we offer a wide range of other courses for our customers of all ages and preferences (e.g., popular music, taekwondo, and even art and painting courses) We even go further by offering adult music lessons (e.g., contemporary singing, ballroom dance, and basic piano lessons) for adults in their retirement. This simply reflects our commitments to providing learning lessons that will best accommodate our broad range of customers.

Those who possess musical knowledge, especially the piano, can turn such knowledge into professional tools; using such tools opens doors to owning teaching businesses (e.g., home lessons, music studio, or even music school). For years, we have assisted more than 450 entrepreneurs from all over the country with consultations and other means necessary to set up and to run their dream music businesses.