Elderly Dance Course

This simple and full-of-fun course is specially designed for adults. Each learner, with or without dancing background, is to enjoy Beguine and Cha-Cha-Chá dances together with others in the same age.  

Churairat’s quality teachers
Churairat Music emphasizes on quality of our teachers. In addition to their advanced knowledge and abilities, they are encouraged to improve themselves consistently - to learn new things and to attend seminars for further knowledge.

Course, age requirements and fee:
• available at Nawamin branch
• a group of four to eight students per classroom

• 1 lesson per week (90 min), 4 lessons per month (8 lessons/course)
• available for adults (aged from 50 years old)

• Fee: 4,100 Baht / person / course

Activities at Churairat Music:
Our school arranges activities for students to perform regularly.