Art Course

This course offers basic knowledge of line drawing, colouring, imagining, and applying creativity into artwork. These are to help students with self-confidence and teamwork.

Churairat’s quality teachers
Churairat Music emphasizes on quality of our teachers. In addition to their advanced knowledge and abilities, they are encouraged to improve themselves consistently - to learn new things and to attend seminars for further knowledge.

Course and age requirements:
• available at Nawamin branch
• a group of ten students per classroom

• 1 lesson per week (60 min), 4 lessons per month
• available for children and adults (aged from 5 years old)




(Baht / Month)

5-7 years old

8-12 years old

13 & up years old

Nawamin branch




• 300 Baht for registration fee
• one monthly fee to be paid in advance

Churairat Music regularly holds students' art exhibitions.

Benefits from learning art at Churairat Music:
improved discipline, responsibility and self-confidence