Grades 1-8 Music Theory Exams

Students can develop many aspects of technique through scale practice, including familiarity with the physicality of their instrument or voice, articulation, tone and intonation. 

According to ABRSM, it is essential for candidates in Grades 1 to 8 to have had correct and complete knowledge of rhythm, notes, harmony, counterpoint and composition. They must understand the characteristic details (e.g., structure, forms, styles, period, backgrounds and composers’ works) that belong to each period in western music, too.

Combination of all those elements will equip learners with the understanding of the differences in all aspects of music-knowing how to transform such knowledge into playing any piece of music; and enjoying their own musical journey in a correct direction.

Total marks in all individual Theory exams are 100.

66 marks are required to achieve a pass
80 marks are required to pass with merit
90 marks are required to pass with distinction

Remark: There are no age restrictions and students can start with any grade or skip grades if they want to.