Folk Guitar Course

Students will have an understanding of:
• basics of playing folk guitar and correct chords fingering
• right-hand techniques (e.g., strumming and picking)
• fingerstyle technique
• playing guitar while singing
• reading notation and tablature

Churairat’s quality teachers
Churairat Music emphasizes on quality of our teachers. In addition to their advanced knowledge and abilities, they are encouraged to improve themselves consistently - to learn new things and to attend seminars for further knowledge.

Course and age requirements:
• a group of four to five students per classroom
• 1 lesson per week (60 min), 4 lessons per month
• available for children and adults (aged from 7 years old)




(Baht / Month)

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

  Nawamin branch




  Fashion Island




• 300 baht for registration fee (excluding lesson books)
• one monthly fee to be paid in advance

Activities at Churairat Music:
Our school arranges shows, recitals and concerts for students to perform regularly.

Benefits from learning at Churairat Music:
• Children are able to enjoy music lessons at an early age; giving them greater brain development, prolonged concentration, improved learning ability, better personalities, discipline, and confidence.
• Teenagers will receive many benefits from learning music: to spend time wisely; to have new groups of friends; and to have good times.