Prep Test

The Prep Test is the best way to begin exam assessment journey for a pupil who has learnt a particular musical instrument for approximately six to nine months. It is designed to develop and encourage the building of good musicianship.

The Prep Test is developed to be as relaxing and fun as possible. No marks are awarded and there is no pass or fail. At the end of the assessment, every candidate is rewarded with a certificate that includes positive and helpful comments from the examiner.

The Prep Test is designed to provide a first assessment (on various instruments including singing) for pupils of all ages. It is also to help with the building of good musical and technical foundations before pupils enter for graded exams.

Available exams for instruments:
Piano • Violin • Viola • Cello • Double Bass • Guitar • Descant Recorder • Flute • Oboe • Clarinet • Bassoon • Saxophone • Horn • Trumpet • Cornet • Flugelhorn • Eb Horn • Trombone • Baritone • Euphonium • Singing