Video Recording Service for ABRSM’s Digital Exams (Performance)


Why recording with Churairat Music?

• Churairat Music...Knows all regulations and rules of ABRSM’s exams.
• Candidates are to be guided through all exam requirements and procedures from start to finish.
• A large-sized studio, equipped with a grand piano and other necessities, perfectly suitable for recording any piano/string/woodwind instruments and singing exams. 
• A video file of the candidate's performance, strictly recorded in accordance with all ABRSM’s camera setup and exam requirements, is ready for online submission.
• Program Form and other documents, required to be shown to the camera at the start of the video, are readily prepared for the candidate’s comfort and peace of mind.
• Price: 1,000 Baht per hour.

Please contact us for more information on booking our recording studio.

In pandemic of Covid-19

• All teachers and/or responsible adults wishing to enter the recording studio are strictly required to be fully vaccinated.
• Candidates who are not vaccinated are ALLOWED inside the recording studio.

All staff members at Churairat Music are fully vaccinated.

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