School Network

Making your music teaching business dreams come true has never been made easier. More than 35 years, we have assisted more than 450 entrepreneurs from all over the country with consultations and other means necessary to make it easy for them to set up and run no-hassles, successful home lessons, music studios, and music schools. This is an ideal for anyone who is looking for a low-investment business with no registration or monthly fees. As simple as using your own place as a classroom, you can get an access to lesson plans, lesson books, seminars, trainings, graded assessments  and a wide range of instruments - all available within Churairat Music Education Network.


As members of Churairat Music Education Network, there are many benefits waiting for you:

• special offers on books and other equipment
• special offers on instruments with long-term installments and rentals for teaching
• consultation services on books, academic matters, teacher trainings/seminars, ABRSM and music event directing

• an entitlement to participate in our annual national-level event Churairat Piano Competition
• on-location ABRSM assessment by designated examiners from England with minimum requirements
• an access to core curriculum requirement to obtain school permits

• consultations on integrated marketing, alone with vicinity and classroom physical management
• consultations on school courses management
• rights to refer to Churairat Music’s website and official Facebook page

Churairat Music reserves the rights to approve application at the company’s terms and discretion (e.g., physical proximity to existing establishments)

Churairat Music has it all for music lovers.
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