Benefits of ABRSM Exams

ABRSM provides examinations in music at world-class centres around the world. Candidates who succeed in ABRSM exams are considered all-round musician with a range of interlocking skills required for each level respectively.

Attending ABRSM exams simply sets a clear objective and directions for music students.

​Successful candidates are rewarded with a ABRSM certificate. This achievement will help encourage the building of pride and determination to further practice for higher graded exams.

Candidates entering ABRSM exams will have constructive and standardized exam experiences with ABRSM appointed examiners from England.

At the end of the assessment every candidate is provided with positive and helpful comments from the examiner to further help develop their skills.

The ABRSM certificates awarded to successful candidates are accredited by Ofqual, DCELLS, CCEA and EQF, and are widely recognized around the world.

Having been the successful ABRSM qualified students, their parents can simply rely within such teacher’s capability for the one to help their children reach musical objectives and to have good and joyful musical journey.